2013 March/April

Publishers Note The Eyes Have It

By Jay D. Prince Iritis. Vitreous and/or Retinal Detachment. Floaters. Flashing light in peripheral vision. It doesn’t take much thought to guess that I’m talking about issues relating to our eyes. And it certainly is overstating the obvious to say that we have only two eyeballs to not only play squash, but also to enjoy […]

From US Squash Winning Streaks

By Bill Buckingham Some criticize the Association for focusing too much on the best and think we can do more to make the stories we tell more relatable. However, regardless of our field, surely we can all relate to what it takes to be excellent, whether we have achieved it or aspire to it. The sports news was dominated in […]

National Men’s Team Announced

U.S. Squash has announced the national team selected to represent the United States at the 2013 World men’s Team championships in June. The event is the highest level team championship in the world, involving the best players from 32 countries, and will be held in France for the first time in its 46 year history. The U.S. […]

Hardball Championships

The 2013 U.S. Hardball Singles Championships were held February 15-17 in Philadelphia. The Open division winner was Chris Walker of Greenwich (CT), who said he hopes to increase participation in hardball amongst young squash players and is optimistic about the increasing number of hardball singles events on the calendar. “I think there is a place for hardball singles in the […]

World Junior Championships Junior Men’s and Women’s Teams

After a successful junior season, U.S. Squash is pleased to announce both the Junior men’s and Junior women’s teams that will represent Team USA at the 2013 World Junior championships. The event will be held in Wroclaw, Poland, from July 15-27, and this year it is the girls’ turn to compete for both the team and individual […]

Century Doubles

The 2013 U.S. Century Doubles Squash Championships were held February 22-24, 2013 in New York City with Eben Hardie and William Villari winning the Century Open division. As the name suggests, the tournament requires the combined age of each team’s players to equal 100 years or more. 128 amateur doubles players ages 21 to 85 […]

Ramy Rolls in Richmond

By Jay D. Prince Egyptian maestro Ramy Ashour mastered the tenacious challenge of England’s Nick Matthew to win the Davenport North American Open. Ashour, appearing in his fifth consecutive final of the PSA World Series squash event, continued his long unbeaten run to delight the full-house crowd of almost 1,000 spectators at the Westwood Club […]

Growth and Funding

In the last five years, U.S. Squash  has paid almost half a million dollars in grants to a variety of causes and programs to further support the growth of squash in the United States. As U.S. Squash has shored up its financial picture it has been able to further work towards the vision of providing the opportunity for […]

Spahrs Dominate U.S. Father and Son

Last month the ninth U.S. Father & Son was held and it was no surprise that Chris and Carson Spahr won their first open title. Spahr has long equaled junior excellence. Christian C.F. Spahr, Jr., known to everyone as Kit, was the top junior in the country in the mid-1950s, winning the tournaments that existed before the U.S. national juniors […]