2012 September

Publishers Note Impressive Stuff

Every once in a while, I come across a story in this great game that just captures my interest. There was the Trinity surviving against Princeton story several years ago when Gustav Detter won the decisive match over Yasser El Halaby. Or the Preston Quick story at the U.S. Championships when he overcame a head-on […]

From US Squash Urban Squash Renewal

By Kevin Klipstein, President & Chief Executive Officer At our annual Strategic Review this summer, CitySquash Executive Director Tim Wyant asked about fundraising initiatives and what would be most helpful in support of U.S. SQUASH’s efforts. Half-joking I told him that the most helpful thing would be if he moved his annual fundraiser (“The Bash”) […]

A Day for Squash World

Edited by Jay D. Price Photos by Steve Line/Squashpics.com World Squash Day is flying the flag for the 2020 Olympic bid with astonishing results. More than 12,000 players worldwide have signed up to play in the biggest squash match in history, the 2020 Team Challenge, which takes place on Saturday October 20th. Clubs are invited […]

Hardball and Doubles Rankings, 2011/2012 Season

Doubles Rankings Men Open 1 Whitten Morris 2 Trevor McGuinness 3 Dylan Patterson 3 Steven Scharff 5 Addison West 6 Josh Schwartz 7 Shane Coleman 8 John White 9 Hamed Anvari 10 Tim Wyant 11 Gustav Detter 12 Noah Wimmer 13 John Russell 14 Dennett Wilkens 15 Coley Smith 16 Peter Kelly 17 Jacques Swanepoel […]

My Internship at U.S. Squash

By Raheem Logan When I traveled to the U.S SQUASH office to introduce myself in person before the start of my internship, all eyes gazed on me as they tend to do with an unfamiliar face. I did not see any smiles, so I was a bit intimidated by that introduction. I am happy to […]

SPA-tlight: Craig Thorpe-Clark

Craig Thorpe-Clark, Poughkeepsie Tennis & Squash & Bard College Where did you grow up? Melbourne, Australia. How did you get involved with squash? A club opened up just down the road during the start of the boom in Australia in the early 1970’s. Within five years there were three commercial clubs within 10 miles of […]

Urban Squash Goes to Doubles Camp

Four students from Access Youth Academy, Ana Rodriguez, Jesus Gomez, Yan Liu and Omar Galindo, had the opportunity to participate in an introductory doubles squash camp in Denver (CO) at the end of August. At the start of the trip we were very excited to learn how to play official doubles squash and learn from […]

Summon Your Angel to Stifle Your Devil

By Richard Millman, Owner- The Squash Doctor Corporation You need a positive Mantra from your personal Angel. Something simple and non critical. Something that helps you to get your maximum edge. For me it’s one word: ‘Focus!’ I repeat it time and time again—during the warm up and during the match at key times. That […]

Alcohol’s Effect on Performance

By Candace Chemtob, B.S. and M.S. in Human Nutrition Obviously athletic performance and alcohol don’t mix well. Performing under the influence of alcohol will reduce your ability to think clearly on the court, slow reaction times, reduce coordination, and worse, may increase the likelihood of injury. Remarkably, however, the effects of alcohol on performance are […]