10 Year Anniversary of Squash: A History of the Game by James Zug

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.50.02 PMPublished by Scribner in September 2003, the book covers every aspect of the sport, from its nineteenth century beginnings in the U.S. to the start of the twenty-first century. It’s quite possible US SQUASH would have missed its own centennial if it were not for Jim Zug’s seminal work detailing the origins of squash in America. The de facto bible of U.S. squash, the book will likely remain the most important of its kind for decades to come.

“A sport is big-time when it has an accurate description of its history. Squash has that in its author extraordinaire Jim Zug. Happy 10th Jim, and squash looks forward to more.”
-Jack Herrick, former US Squash Chairman and PSA Chairman, and US Squash Hall of Famer 

“Jim’s book on squash in the U.S. is invaluable to the community and sport. His work will only increase in worth as time passes. The sport is so fortunate to benefit from this influential work, and to continue to benefit from Jim’s deep involvement in the game.”
-Kevin Klipstein, President & CEO of US Squash 

“I consider this book very important for our sport. It’s extremely well-written and comprehensive, and a fascinating read for anyone who has been lucky enough to have played the game for many years. It chronicles beautifully the history and development of squash up until the early 2000’s. It may be time for Jim to write the sequel—to bring the history up to the present!”
– Lenny Bernheimer, Former US Squash Chairman and U.S. Squash Hall of Famer

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